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We are proud to offer cabinets and furniture by Sugarcreek Cabinets. Whether it’s full custom kitchen cabinets, a custom desk, bar stools or a table we can do it all. Our craftsmen take pride in each piece we create and our quality is second to none. We’re certain you’ll be proud to display our products in your home. 

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Decorative Whiskey Barrel Stave Bowl- $100

This decorative whiskey barrel bread bowl is the perfect piece to decorate your home with.

Approximate Dimensions: 18” long x 11” wide
We custom make these and can accommodate many custom sizes

Note: We now use whiskey barrels and there is a black face from the charred barrels rather than a reddish color (as shown).

Gathering Table-  $2,850

This unique gathering table can be made in just about any size you want. The table pictured is approximately 30” wide by 7’ long. It has a slightly distressed solid maple top. We can even engrave your name on the table as an added touch. There’s even a foot rest on the bottom of the table  so your family and friends have a place to rest their feet. This table can also be made with a custom barn wood top for a more rustic look.